Things I like.


  1. Getting on the side of the tram that minimises what I have to walk at arrival
  2. Coming up with a good analogy
  3. Biking in the city, which is my definition of freedom
  4. Having a set of translucent flag post-its when reading a novel
  5. Arguing about MBTI
  6. Paying bills on e-banking
  7. Staying in bed on very sunny days. No noise, no light, no outside stimuli.
  8. Being truthful and sometimes nervous when I blog
  9. Rays of sunlight through half-closed window blinds, reflecting on the moving dust
  10. Making a friend, because it’s so rare.

This is inspired by Jessica Gross’ project, Things we like. I like how it made me pause and cristallise those small events into words.

Your turn, now.


5 thoughts on “Things I like.

  1. Love it. Here’s my list, it’s so hard to stick to 10!

    1. Feeling each muscle, including unknown ones, and every inch of my skin as I flow through yoga.

    2. Breathing in, raising my arms, finding my balance and stepping one foot forward on the slackline, fully feeling for the first time the magical movement of taking one step forward.

    3. Hearing the happy music, twirling, improvising, bouncing, smiling : dancing the Lindy hop.

    4. Wearing very red lipstick.

    5. Resolving a complex problem, feeling the bricks of reasoning clicking into place and illuminating a clear logical path.

    6. Savoring that first delicious raspberry. Or blueberry. Or strawberry. Any fruit actually.

    7. Diving in fresh water on a warm day. Opening my eyes under the water and enjoying seeing only flecks of light and hearing numbed sounds.

    8. Sinking in my enormous armchair, and opening the first page of a good book.

    9. Hugging friends.

    10. Being right.

  2. Since u asked me to go public, i share my top 10 ;)

    to put on a freshly washed pyjamas
    the scent of a chimney fire by coming out of the shower
    the scent of hot coffee and toasted bread in the early morning – not the taste
    not to be able to retain a smile when I got a message from a guy I like
    the soft comfort-feeling left after encountering great friends
    to realize the disarming fidelity of a good friend
    to realize I took the right decision
    to listen how kids express or sing
    to walk back from the bus station late at night in the countryside, smell the humid green and to see so many stars, looking for the big pan
    to ask my parents to tell stories from before and listen to them

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